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You best jump far

Ok. Seeing it on my regular tv is great. I had a feeling it would end where it ended. Charlie getting the last line.

I'm a little disappointed that few little exchanges were cut. Jack telling Claire that having contractions was not ideal was one of my favorite lines from the beginning. Also the music changed. The music in the download is more subdued and I think fitting for the show. Also the made the "monster" much louder.

I can't wait till next week.

Also no invited me into the chat. I'm lalablue96 by the way.


i didn't download the pilot. i wanted to, but i figured i'd wait and watch it.
do you by any chance have a link to where you downloaded it from? i know i saw one posted in the various Dom communities over the summer, but i can't for the life of me remember where.
opens to new windows.. yousendit. The downloads were removed a while ago

500 mb 334 mb
you are, and forever will be, my favorite person.

i figured the downloads were removed a long time ago, but i thought i'd give it a shot.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. i'm interested to see what they changed.
oh dear Jesus, 3+ hours to download each. are they worth the wait?
Yeah. In my opinion they are.
hokay. *waits patiently*