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You best jump far

-1 day of Lost

I'm rather disappointed in my co-workers. Of the 6 people who promised they'd watch the show, only 2 did. And one was flipping back and forth between the show and Sox game. I have no one in real life to squee with.



that sucks. I don't have any Dom!Billy!squee-ers around where I live. No fellow high school members or anything.

Im sorry :(
*Moves to where you live to squee with you*


We saw it and loved it....so I was squeeing with you. Thought of you each time I saw Dom's cute face! *hugs you*
Awww. Well... at least you have me to share with... I too wish I can find people offline who would enjoy as much as I do, but I do understand that outside of this fandom, Dom isn't a very well-know star that would make people WANT to know him.

*<3 you*