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Rock on Heavy Metal


I'm looking for Beatles songs. Particulary "blackbird" "Hide your love away" and anything else from the early years. Anyone care to send what they got my way? Please


Sent you You've got to Hide your Love Away.
Thanks you muchly. =) much appreciated.
Welcome. I have more from A Hard Day's Night and Help! only the ones from the movies tho. And a few from Abbey Road and While my Guitar Gently Weeps all on my comp. If you wanted any of those.
I would definately want! Thanks you. (you don't happen to have them in something other then real player format? -if not, no biggie. I just want.)
No that's the only format I have em in. Can you still play them?
Oh yeah, I just have to burn them using windows cd wizard (which isn't all that bad really) But no problem.

*is excited*

Thank you very much again.
All right. Just wanted to make sure before I sent you more. ^_^
I don't have them on my computer or else I would. I have them on CD...sorry.
I have Blackbird - what's you mail luv?

=) thank you muchly.
I utterly and completely suck when it comes to Beatles chronology, but are there any albums in particular you're thinking of? I have a few stacked away on CD's somewhere, and if I just have a title or two to go by, I'll see if I have it :D
The White Album has Blackbird and a few others I like. But I'll honestly take whatever you wanna send my way. =)