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Locke - Truffle shuffle

What is the big deal really?

They are tattoos. People have them. Does it really matter why?


Some people pick things apart way too much.

What does it matter if Matthew Fox has a tat?

Ben Affleck has shown his tats in movies and they were never explained as part of his characters. *rolls eyes*
I hate how the first one who posted is just like a little a kid and keeps asking "why". and msa seems adament that everyone watching Lost is a LotR fan. I dunno, the whole thread bugs me. Another person posted the same thing about why should it matter and she was quickly shot down as well.

It just bugs me.
I especially love the "why would a doctor have a tat" question. I know more than one med student with a tattoo, and they usually don't mean a thing. People get them. That's it.

It's sad how out of the loop I am, though, I've yet to see Dom's new tattoo. lol
I agree. I thought they were covering it at first too but after seeing where it is in relation to the sleeve.... it looks like it was just hidden in that particular shot. I don't think they're covering the fellowship tat.

It doesn't. Some people are thinking way too hard about things that aren't really necessary to think about.
Thank you. that's exactlly what I was thinking.
I responded. I restrained myself from going all eye-rolly, but dear lord, can we just get rid of the freakin stereotyping??

MsA is always going on about how homophobic the world is, but she spends as much time perpetrating all kinds of stereotypes. Fact is, in 2004, the world is far less pigeon-holey and far more diverse than her teeny brain can encompass.
Thank you. You're response is really what I wanted to convey.

want to see LOST so i know what the hell my entire american flist is talking about *cries*
If it makes you feel better, I have not seen LOST either. :/
Too much time on their hands? LOL!