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IF this posts twice- sorry. LJ is being a kunt

Ok I take back what I said earlier.

...the recap of what was showed last week's show came on I started squirming. I was excited. I sat at the edge of seat and wound up on the floor a few times. I really do love this show. I'm truly excited for next week.

I still am totally disappointed they changed the soundtrack. Especially at the end of this episode. The one they had used with the download was so much spookier and really made those last moments intense.

I'm also disappointed that in Charlie's flashback they cut out the part with him snorting in the bathroom. They also broke up his snorting on the beach. Not that seeing someone inhale drugs up their noses is a good thing, but I think the essense of the scene was lost in cutting those parts out.

I am so in love with Evangeline. She is gorgeous, talented, and she has a killer body. Seeing her in panties and a bra in the water on my 27" screen tv just...*sigh* beautiful.

I'm a little confused though. Why did they have subtitles last week for the Korean couple, but not this week?

I can't wait till next week.

Also, I love voodo_in_tx. She give us Lost crack. Not just for that reason, but it helps. =)

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