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You best jump far

Utterly frustrated


So much shite to do. Bridal shower this weekend. And suddenly I'm responsible for not only trying to make it fun, but I'm responsible for the prizes too.. WTF?!? I can't afford this shite and the alterations on my dress and the money I owe for the shower.


My bride bingo game looks fun, but it's bitch filling in all the cards.


What the hell do you give as prizes anyway?

That means I gotta shopping tonight. And gift bags?


Plus I still have no idea where the shower is. I can't reach Melissa and I can't find the freaking place online. I have no idea how bingo cards to fill out, because I have no idea how many people are going.

Plus I have to rush back from Boston and make sure I have everything.


I gotta go.

I gotta clear my head.

*shuffles off*


*huuuuugs* You'll be alright, I'm sure.
Gah. That's a lot of work... *give you a hug* Don't fret love. I am sure things will smooth out itself eventually. Hang in there.
Eeeep! That bites, sweet! *bear hugs* Have you considered talking to the rest of the bridesmaids about how unfair all this seems to be? :/