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You best jump far

Meaning of obsession

You know you're utterly and hopelessly obsessed when you stay awake, despite being completely knackered, to watch a tv show that you've not only watched on tv before, but also have downloaded.

I am sooo going to bed after Lost.


What she said.
It's called being a true and dedicated fan!!! *thumbs up*
I actually didn't watch last week, the first episode, although I had watched all of the clips online. So, tonight I've been watching it all again too. Plus, the hubby is actually watching it and enjoying it...although I suspect Evangeline MIGHT factor into that. lol
Ya'll are making me jealous. V. green right now.
I want Lost here, right now. They should get it it's own network.
All lost, all the time...
We're all lost here...
..etc etc..