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Rock on Heavy Metal

...and every one is addressed to me

So played Sim 2 at ma's again today. Billy got electricuted today. If was quite amusing. His hair was standing on end and he was covered in black soot. There were also two fires. Which was extremely amusing. They stand right in front the stove freaking out like girls. Hee hee.

New music courtesy of nothing_to_say. =)

I love this song.


:D Hehehe. Glad you like them love!: <333
*blink* WTF?! What did Billy do to electrocute himself? LOL!
He was trying to repair the tv. It was awesome, his skeleton kept flashing and he was smoking. And Dom was behind him freaking out. When it was done, Billy just looked at Dom and kinda twitched and went made something to eat.

Sorry Stelly, but seeing Billy cooking like that, was extremely amusing.
Awwww, my poor baby!!! *pets Billy* :(