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You best jump far

I couldn't wait to come home and share

Had an absolute blast last night. It's funny that when it's known that you have some talent, you're coerced into singing in public- though you don't necessarily want to. (did that make sense?)
I sang Bright Lights and with Sean I sang Picture.
I flirted with the deejay.
I impressed Amanda's fiance` Andre with my driking prowess.
Banana Dauquari, five shots of tequila and a scorpion bowl.

and to top off the last 24 hours- I also had my first Dominic dream. Yippee. It's about time. It was nice. we were playing pool and he kept kissing me. I woke up warm and well- wet...

Got to sleep around 2:30am. Was up at 7 this morning. Bored. everyone else slept till at least ten. Sharlene made breakfast. we watched a little tv and now I'm home.

I gotta go grocery shopping.


Congrats on the first Dom dream!
I wish I had dreams like that all the time.

Banana Dauquari and personally, I blame that....O.o
I blame the scorpion bowl and the 151...I shoudl drink more often. ;P
Congratulations! *hands you a badge that says 'I dreameth of Dominic'*