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You best jump far

Lost (spoilers)

I am soo iconing that picture. Is it me or does he have red streaks in his hair?

Those boots. I love those boots.

Those arms.

Nuns? WTF?!?

I can't stop listening to this song.


Wow - this is actually the first, true authentic time where I get really turned on by Dom - but I mean, REALLY turned on. Whoa. Hubba, hubba.

It's the rock star look.
(Ha! I laughed when I saw the tattoo, too!)

Yep, I see the red in his hair, too.

Oh gads, I didn't notice the boots. Jebus, I am so going to have to hose down my lady-parts with ice water after this episode.

Oh yeah, his arms...ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!

What does the tattoo say? I can make out "- is easy -eyes closed" ? :D
"living is easy with eyes closed"
Ohhh... that's good.
Very deep. :D
You have MSN Messenger right?
Wanna chat to me on there? ;)
I'm at work. =(
Oh..well.. if you are ever at home? :S
No, he has orange/red highlights. *snickers*
I love the red streaks in his hair. I luff his hair. Hahaha Dom can always make my day better. *luffs Dom*
You and me both!
Holy crap! Hotter than EVER! Thanks for posting, Lala!

Those pictures are so gorgeous!
OMFG. *dies*
Where are those pics from? They're bloody beautiful! O.O
I need to remember to put the little tidbit about Lost spoilers. They're from Charlie's epiode.
as far as I can see in the hirez - orange and yellow and MAYBE green. *guh*

and muahahah yes tattoo!
These are pictures from an upcoming Lost?


Who's the other dude with him?

*thud* He looks so freakin' hot. And I thought Dom couldn't get any MORE hot. I was wrong...so very wrong.

*takes a very cold shower*