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You best jump far

One more week till Sean Astin. I just watched Toy Soldiers to kinda get me in the mood. Now I am tired and I will go to bed.

This short post brought to you by the letters G I and P.


Did you watch it on cable? I watched half of it.
Yup, watched it on Starz - I think it was.
You're meeting Sean Astin? Sorry if this sounds obvious, but I'm catching up with my flist since I just got home and there's a bunch of new entries I haven't seen yet. I watch a bit of Toy soldiers, but never got to see the end. :P
Yeah, I volunteer at the Boston Musuem of Science in the LotR exhibit.
Loves it. ;)
You need to make some tutorials. Your icons rock and I would love to learn some of the stuff you do.
basically I've used other tutorials and incorporated my own style... I've thought about writing my own tutorial.. maybe I will

I just read that you volunteer at the Science Musuem...at the LotR exhibit.

Dude, I wonder if when I went I saw you there?!?! I went on August 20 for the 4:00 showing? I believe it was 4. What part of the exhibit do you work at?
I work Saturdays 9 to 1. So probably missed you. I usually do the metalugy cart sometimes I hold Glamdring.

So you're going to be there on Friday??

OMG...if you are, I'm so gonna be like "Hi hi!!" even though I don't know what you look like. Lmao.
Not of Friday. Just Saturday. =/