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My Sean experience

It was a mad house today. People everywhere. They estimated 30,000 people would have visited the museum before 7:30 tonight.

Well my Sean experience was very unigue. I came around the corner and saw a bunch of state troopers. He was sitting in the volunteer office chatting with Astrid and Mike. Astrid says "oh there she is." Apparently they were talking about me. (Astrid said it was because I am one of only three volunteers that hasn't missed a shift yet and she was very proud of me =). )

Sean promptly stands and shakes my hand and says it's his honor to meet me. An honor to meet me? Huh. I stammered out some sort of reply. He asked my favorite part of the exhibit is and I told him that I love what I do. I love talking about metals. We spoke very briefly on the subject. He seemed generally interested in me babbling about making iron ore into steel.

He is a beautiful man. And very very short. His eyes were entrancing. He smelled of coffee and musk.

It was over pretty quick. They wanted to bring him upstairs for some sort of vip thing. He asked if I would be by to later to get a book signed. I explained that one I had no money, two, by the time my shift ended, they wouldn't be allowing anyone else in line. He seemed disappointed.

He was then quickly whisked away and then when my senses came back I realised I didn't take a picture. D'uh. I'm such an idiot.

I never got that close again the entire day.

The line was out the door and down the sidewalk in two directions.

Also I got hit on today by this kinda weird guy in the exhibit. He was friendly, but if he stared any harder at me, he would have burned a whole in me. Kept asking me what I was doing after the exhibit. I kept ducking the question.

Anyway, I'm home and still kinda getting over the shock. I had stuff that I had wanted to write about Jimmy Kimmel show last night, but I'm so tired.


Isn't Sean the greatest? I'm glad it was such a good experience to meet him. :)
:D He's so nice. Sorry you didn't get a picture, though!
Ah! Sean is so genuinely nice!! That's one helava rare and great celebrity meeting experience. Glad you got to meet him! :D
wow how sweet is that awwww

Now look at how quickly your rules of seperation have got, you'v met sean who is not only friends with the dom, but who was interviewd by benji and joel...awwwww *yes i choose to grasp at straws in mandi land*
That's so great :D Basically sounded like he was hitting on you..? (two in one day, what are teh chances?? ;P)
AWW!! Hit on by Sean. :D
Where were you working in the exhibit? I was there today.
I work in the exhibit at the metalugy cart.
Where? Sorry, I don't know the names of all the places in there- only been there for the first time today.
I was working at a cart near Anduril. I talk about making steel from iron ore rocks.
Well then, I saw you! But I wasn't standing close- I was listening from a distance.
Me, my sister and my friend got there before the line went out the door. We were pink ticket people. But we got to meet him before the first session was over ^_^ I still can't believe it!

That is so cool!
*happy sigh*

Sean is such a sweetie!!

I was trying to go yesterday but all the tickets were sold out.
OMG! How exciting! Am so damn happy for you!!! OMG!! :D!!! Poop about not having taken any pictures, but still - OMG! :D