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You best jump far

This scene didn't actually happen in the Walkabout episode?

I mean they never did actually show Charlie catching the fish, I'm assuming because Jin actually caught it. I mean Hurly and Charlie were using a stick with a peice of sharpnel attached to it. ANd the fish didn't look like it had been stuck with anything.

Just something I noticed while making Lost icons.

I wonder if that means that eventually they'll have a dvd collection of the series and have deleted scenes. That would be nice.



These didn't happen either...=S


No, you're not the only one. There's also a photo of Shannon and Charlie looking at something (she's kneeling next to him) that didn't make it in, and Locke holding some weird contraption and Michael/Kate looking on. I don't think that one made it in.

I noticed that. Altho I thought maybe the Charlie/Shannon happened during the first 15 minutes I missed.
Seems that we'll have to wait until LOST goes on dvd and hopefully it will include deleted scenes. :)
I have a feeling that Jin caught the fish, gave it to Charlie to give to Shannon. They probably cut the scene cause it made Dom's hurt more painful when Shannon basically rejected him. Cause in the final version it was *him* that spent all that time trying and trying.

Otherwise it would have been Charlie using Jin just like Shannon had used Charlie.
Hmm... now that you mentioned it... I never occured to realize that... *notes it down*
I know but promotion pictures are just to promote - it's rare you find a shot that was actually in the episode ;)