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You best jump far

Heh. I'm part of the info dump from nothing_to_say. *gets giggly* It's not often I provide anything worthy of mentioning anywhere else...

Hey, when I was at work I saw that nuregwen posted some little icons of the sekrit pictures. It seems some of the images she made icons of were from images I hadn't seen. And I want to see them. Fuck guilt, I'm too nosey to feel guilt for long. I purused his website and I couldn't find the ones I was looking for. From my paltry work computer it looked like Dom in swim trunks. I'll love you forever if some could send me the full size version... =D Please?! Sources will remain anonymous.

BTW can I just that I really like a lot of Jason's pictures. The artsy type ones. He's got a good eye. He uses angles pretty well and seems to love light. I can appreciate that.

And GIP.


Dude just check out Jason's gallery! http://www.jasonz.com/gallery
Jason's pictures are good. :D

I've been wondering for quite some time, what does GIP mean?
Gratidus icon post =)