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You best jump far


The Musuem is inviting me back as a regular exhibit volunteer, not just special exhibits. I was hoping they would. I'm hoping they'll be flexible enough to allow me to take snow days and such.

I'm so excited.


Squee!!!!!!! :D
Congrats! :D
Woooooooooo!!! Congrats hun!!!

*chicken dances in your honor* :D!!!!
*chicken dances with you*

I literally skipped around work all day after that call.
Very cool! I'm so happy for you.
Aww, congrats, luv!
That's wonderful!!! I didn't see your note until just now. I was exhausted and took a long nap this afternoon, but I am happy if you are happy!!! Congrats!!!
I'm excited. I am truly excited. It was mentioned after 200 hours I can apply for a paid internship.
Dude, congratulations! That rocks.
That's great! XD hehe

(Love the icon... :D)