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You best jump far

Another observation

Is there any signifance to stripped shirts? I mean Charlie wears one. Jack as a young boy wears one. I swear I've seen a striped shirt on someone else in one of the promo pictures. It may be absolutely nothing other then a costume designers fetish, but for me it seems to be a rather prominent observation.


Hmm, I was thinking that too. *Looks up*

Found this:
STRIPES: Stripes express a desire for orderliness, dependability and conservatism. A sufficiently bold wide stripe will indicate that you are outgoing and a pretty enterprising fellow, however. Most often set at a diagonal on a tie, you won't see horizontal or vertical stripes very often (think of jail and a convict's uniform). There is a scientific paper waiting to be written by the sociologist who discovers the significance of stripes that run down from the right (favoured in the U.S.A.) or from the left (the European preference).
Any use?