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I never watch baseball. Why the hell am I watching now?

Oh yeah. Hometown pride.

However I might want to consider turning up the volume. I looked up and we jumped from 2 runs to 6.

Way to go Sox.


Sorry yanks02

I so love the way Charlie looks after Claire. I kind of look at as he sees himself getting ready to be reborn when the herion runs out. Charlie is starting to loose it though. I mean I understand wanting to make sure the pregnant lady gets plenty of water, but I think he did go a little far pushing Boone around. Charlie needs to remember Boone has like 7 inches on him.

Charlie and Hurly, dude. I loved the way they kinda cornered Jack and assulted him with questions about what to do about the water supply.

Did anyone else cheer when Kate totally threw down Sawyer?

Jack's back story, Not really feeling it. From what I could see Jack's father had a drinking problem and an attitude problem. No wonder Jack is a fucked up individual. Beating up his father's coffin gave him the strength to resist hallucinations and fatigue and face the leadership role?

umm, maybe I missed it, I'll re run it later to be sure, but did Locke ever make it back to camp?

Sawyer, the scum with his stash of goodies. Why is the man so freaking hot? Must be the southern accent. Yeah, that's it.

I am curious as to what Sun and Jin's story is though. I mean it seems pretty clear cut in all the spoilers I've read, but it seems nothing with this show is ever so clear cut.

And how awesome is it that we will now get a full season of Lost?

My what an exciting day. Trash day, Lost day, Museum day, Observation day.

What will tomorrow bring?

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