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You best jump far

A 348mb bit torrent file in less then an hour?! Whoa.

I went back to buy those jeans I couldn't get earlier this week. Yeah. Clothes.

I probably should tell ya about me day, but honestly it's not very interesting. I woke up late and went to work. I am not a morning person and grunted through most of my first few calls. Laughed my ass off during our benefits meeting. After work, went to Fashion Bug, came home, ate, I downloaded the latest version of Lost. Updated my memories.

Can anyone send me this? (Thanks to txvoodoo I miss the good stuff while at work...


It's over here as well: http://www.livejournal.com/users/voodoo_in_tx/121593.html, only instead of .asf, it's .mpg. :D