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You best jump far

Man I totally forgot to buy the tv guide this week.

Fuck! I hope there'll be one tomorrow left for little ol' me. It's not often your fandom is on the cover of the tv guide. I hope it's the first of many covers.


It's next week's TV Guide, I haven't even seen it on the stands here yet, (and I've been looking) so don't fret.
I heard it's this week... *not sure* and isn't it for the west coast version? (I know there are more than one version for the Canadian ones...)
I thought so too, but on this scan it says it's for Oct. 24-30.


I know that TV Guide does have different covers occasionally, but usually they're variation on a theme, like people from the same TV show or whatever. I dunno. I'll be looking for it tomorrow at the grocery store.
Yeah, I think it's for this week, man. I'm gonna get my copy as well! :D