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Everyone I know goes away in the end.


Just checking in. Nothing of interest today. Feel free to skip. What are still doing here? I told you, nothing interesting happened today. Actually that's not entirely true. I felt lucky today. So I bought a scratch ticket. I won $100. Whoo Hoo. But that's all that's interesting. I swear. Well do you consider writing on your hands and yelling at customers interesting? Didn't think so. I wrote 3 pages in my novella. Pretty good considering I haven't written in a few weeks. *slaps wrist*. I need to wash dishes. I should have prepared something for lunch tomorrow. I'm trying to clean up my hard drive. I can't believe I've used over 30GB. *palms face*. I save everything. I should have taken a shower. Not that I stink, just because if I take one in the evening, I can sleep later. I gotta stop downloading music. Or start making cds so I can get it off my hard drive. Did I mention I was cleaning my hard drive? Yeah, well at least you paying attention. Oh Amy at work thinks I'm mad at her. Because I got snippy about two weeks ago when she called me by a nickname that I absolutely dispise. I've been having weird dreams lately. Sean, Dom, Billy and Ali doing an audition for Gilligan's Island. Dom was made into Ginger. (I know WTF?!- personally I think he would make a better Maryanne, but that's neither here nor there) Sean couldn't sing. But Ali could. And the casting director cut her off, telling her she could go. I can't even give Ali the time of day in my dreams. Goodness my mind is mean. OMG two weeks to the wedding. I'm excited, and a little nervous at same time. Sharlene's mood swings are rather unpredictable. She'll either be completely sedate, or off her bloddy rocker. Oooh fun. well now that's I've crossed your eyes for the evening, I think I'll go to bed now.

This message was for the lovely lyss_monaghan. She likes my rambling.

Charlie Smile. Love Charlie smile. It's like Dom, But not.


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