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You best jump far

Where the hell did they get the ax?

I love Sun's story. Brillant. I love when she says to Jin "remember when all you could give me was a flower?". I started to cry when Sun did when she started leaving her husband at the airport. But she thought the flower was something that maybe would lead to redemption. I remember with my ex, the little things seemed such big leaps towards redemption, but mostly those leaps fell short. I think that's what's gonna happen with Sun and Jin. Short lived redemption.

I can't believe Charlie gave his drugs over willingly. I love the lip quiver at seeing his guitar. I believe that music can save a soul. I hope it's enough to save Charlie.

Why can't they have teams who stay on the beach to keep the signal fire going? Willie Nelson song at the end. Very fitting.

Next week is going to be killer.


Where the hell did they get the ax?

I asked that too...to which my husband reminded me that all planes have axes for emergencies...fires...crashes, etc. Ok, if he says so. I've never even been on a plane!

Charlie's lip/chin quiver so got me. I wanted to cuddle Dom!