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You best jump far

OMG Wednesday

If you didn't like Charlie before. You will after this episode.

Well now we know why Charlie was in Austraila. I was kinda hoping for more detailed flashbacks though. His brother truly was an ass. Good looking, but an ass none-the-less.

I'm really believing the theory that the inhabits of the island are projecting their fears into reality. Just when Charlie yells he's a rock god, the cave in happens. Yeah yeah, I know that obviously it was probably just his raised voice that did it, but the timing of it was freaky.

We also know why the episode is called the Moth. So proud of Charlie, he gave it up. He gave up the drugs. He looked like fucking hell at the end. Though they kept saying Locke motives were unclear for helping Charlie, I don't care why he helped, I'm just glad he did. The way he talked about releasing the moth was a perfectly fitting analogy.

I loved the way everyone worked together to dig out the cave-in. Charlie finding a way out, brillant.

Ok, who's the ass who hit Sayid?

I'm glad Shannon did what she was told to do. She's such a teenager. Even being stuck on a desserted island and she's gossiping...

Sayid talking about how they never should have never survived the crash. Yeah a little bit expositious, but hopefully it will lead somewhere.

And the previews for next week... OMG. Sawyer yum... Uh, what?


The only three episodes I've gotten to see were the first two and this one.
I thought this episode was great. I hopehopeHOPE I can watch next week. I wanna find out who hit Sayid so that I can see horrible wrath come upon him/her.

'You alllll everybody!'
I have a huge impression that it's Sawyer...