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You best jump far

I would love to say i was bored. but i'm not. i'm just lazy. I have tons of stuff I could actually be doing. but I'm not.

I had this strange ass dream last night. I dreamt that aliens came to visit me. They told me the secrets of the universe. I'm only allowed to share them with my closest friends. I thought that part was funny.

Check out my favorites pictures and such. here I did it all on me lonesome. It's a work in progress...

I need to make me some icons. I need a new program to make stuff...

My life is so boring.


Lala... Ronda loves you! The pics on your site are goregous :D Right now I've got the free trial version of PSP 8, I just figured out how to put borders and words on icons today.
I thanks you. I am debating which program to get.