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Will this day never end?

Why is it that when you anticipate something the day seems to drag for as long as inhumanly possible?

People are insanely stupid today. They argue like children, and stamp their feet and cry over the littlest things.

Dear CVS clerk named David,
I walked you step by step how to operate your computer, a computer by the way I've never even seen, and I can tell from the sound it made what it reads. Don't lie to me and tell me it says something else. I'm not stupid. I'm not deaf. Don't insist on tracing an order that you don't even show logged out of your computer. Guess what? If you don't have the order logged out and we don't have the order logged in, you never sent it.

no sympathy,

Dear uneducated lady in New Jersey,
Don't play "yes it is" "not it isn't" with me. I will win every time. Besides, aren't you too old to play that game.
I told you we don't keep records for orders over 60 days. How the F*CK am I supposed to tell you what happened to your order from 1999?

Go to hell,

Dear Sav-on cashier,
I asked your name and you answered cashier, that's why I called you that. Don't bitch to your manager that I didn't call you by your proper name, you didn't give one.

leave me alone,

Dear Elaine Dooley,
No I am not working overtime tonight. I told you this two weeks ago. No I won't "just make it to the rehearsal" if I stay an extra hour. No I am not going to stay a half hour later either. And yes I am logged into the outbound queue. No I will not take another single call today. Yes I will f*ck off till 5pm. Why the hell were you invited to the wedding?

no love at all,

Dear unknown person,
Stop dailing Jim's extention. He is not in today. He wasn't in this morning. He wasn't here this afternoon. He won't be here now.

f*ck off,

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