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So much to tell you about. I went to Boston to see the advanced screening to Seed of Chucky. I left work and went straight to Boston. Finding a place to park in Boston (especially near the place you want to be) is a bitch. Had to park in a garage about four blocks away.

Good thing I got there when I did. There was quite a line. They were also holding a special screening of Finding Neverland. The usher directed me into the wrong line. Finally in the right line. Had to wait for about a half hour. But it was first come first served.

Now for the movie.

Both gross and funny. I don't know where to begin.

Ok we'll start with Glen. Trying not to picture Billy too much while watching, I nearly started a fit of giggles that could have lasted through the whole movie. What a creepy looking doll!! razor sharp teeth and black lips and shock red hair. Pale to the point he's almost green.

Glen was originally named Shitface by this vantriliquist guy that found him in the cemetary. Or was it Shithead? I can't remember now. So Glen sees a celebrity thing on tv and sees Chucky's Made in Japan stamp. He figures he'll send himself via post to Hollywood.
He finds Tiffany and Chucky and reads the inscription on the back of the medallian and They wake up.

Within minutes of waking they make their first kill. Quite a gruesome one at that too. Then a little bit gender confusion between the parents. Tiffany want a girl. Chucky, a boy. Glen calls them stark raving mad.

They take up residence at Jennifer Tilly's place and Glen is now wearing a bow and some how trying to convience his parents not to kill anymore. Well this wouldn't be a chucky movie without some murder and mayhem.

Some more stuff happens. John Waters death was just icky. Glen starts developing an eye twitch. Funniest shit I've ever seen. And then...

Well I won't tell you how it ends, because you have to see it to believe. Just know that the gender confusion gets cleared up.

So after the movie was walking back the four blocks to my car when this drunk strides up to me and puts his arm around me and asks "are you gonna hurt me?" My reply, "only if you don't your fucking hands off me." He promptly back away, but didn't really leave me alone for at least a block. Finally I told him to "fuck off" and just kinda booked it to the garage.

On the way home I decided to stop at Micky D's because fuck knows I wasn't gonna cook something when I got home. The drive thru cashier drops my meal on the ground. She was too busy talking to realise I hadn't even turned around from putting my change away when she let go. Bitch.
She gave me a new meal, fresh hot fries and extra chicken tender thingie.

That was my night. How was yours?

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