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Stark raving mad

So much I failed to touch on last night regarding the movie. Things I found myself giggling over as I was trying to sleep and driving to work this morning.

Glen is seriously a doll that belonged in therapy. Whenever he was scared, he pissed himself. Because he was "made in japan" - he learned to speak Japanese. Which hearing a variation of Billy's voice with british accent, speaking Japanese, just makes you *sigh*.

Chucky mastrabating. Tiffany's tit shot. Glen's ummm.. umm... I don't know if genitals is the right word for what's in between Glen's legs.

Jennifer Tilly kissing a dead guy. Britany Spears being run off the road. John Waters death is still icky. Oh and that Joan lady. She got toasted.

Glen in make up. Chucky doing a Shining moment. Tiffany in recovery. Sorta. Steaming guts, blood, fire, turkey baster.

I've decided I really like this movie.

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