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You best jump far

Pic spam

NOT dail up friendly.

The lovely Mr and Mrs Sean Ryan

Melissa (the bride's sister) and Nicholas. Beautiful little boy. Quite happy. Didn't cry once the entire weekend.

Becky - Another bridesmaid. She hated wearing a dress, so she covered up with her Harley jacket as soon as picture taking was done.

Me Ma and Dad.

Jane and Janice. Two of the leads at the call center where I work.

Maureen and Elaine. Two of my bosses.

Andrea and Brian. Andrea is a former co-worker. Brian caught the garter. My pictures of him putting the garter on me didn't come out very well.

Annette. She was mock crying. I snapped the shot at the right time, but there's a lot of light reflection. From where, i know not.

My Amanda panda. She's such and sweet heart.

Jim and Amanda.

Jim and Andre (Amanda's husband)

Jim and Neil (Jim's husband)

Jim doing the twist with Elaine.

Jim slow dancing with my boss Mike. (this picture will be used for blackmail in the near future;))

Me with Ma and Daddy. What a lovely family portrait huh?

Jim and I.

Me getting drunk.

Me with Melissa's husband, Junior. We were both quite intoxicated.

Me still drunk.

My dragon tat. it's on my left calf.

My fate taped fingers promoting Lost the day before the premiere.

My fridge magnets.

My best friend Kim.

Boston waterfront from the musuem parking garage.

Sean Astin. From the second floor landing outside the entrance to the exhibit.

I could only pick up 4 rolls today. I still have one more. That one will have all my Laconia pictures on it. Will spam that next week when I can afford to pick it up.


Yaahh! Pic spam.
I like your dress :D hehe
awww! Those pictures of you getting drunk are SO SO cute! and I HEART YOUR CIGARETTES! So you DO understand the pain of not being able to find your pack *L* *tackles you* MUAH!
Aww! The baby is adorable! and you! Heee! Pretty. :D
Awww, such happy picturees! :D

And I love the one where it says it's you getting drunk. You look gorgeous! ♥
Great pics! You look so happy in them, good to see. :)
You look like you had a great time. I'm glad. I also like the color of that dress. Everyone up here does black or blue.
*flails* Awww, you look so pretty in a dress! OMG! So cute!!!

Wow - great to see that you bunch had a grand time at the wedding. Awwwww! :D