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You best jump far

Went and got an oil change today. So then I had to drive around and break in the new oil. God I lead an interesting life.

Going tomorrow to King Richards Faire. I'm thinking if I have enough guts I might rent one the period customes. The last time I was there I tried a few on- they all made my chest stick out way more then it should. But then again hobbit women are very boxum...

I should be finishing the icons I started the other night. But I'm not- too lazy.

I owe some serious thanks to undone





sorry... a moment of my true-self exposed...

*blush beet-red*
Exposure of your true self?? There's nothing wrong with that. As long you keep yourself covered, so you don't catch a cold. ;P

Lynch the bytch!

Diggin' the purple glasses! But y4 is Dommie hanging out with Hillary Tuck and not one of us?

Re: Lynch the bytch!

I know- How dare he? Doesn't he know better than that? Well he should.
Still with that hair isn't he. And who are those ladies bitches? I love that shirt though lol..
Yes love the shirt- Hair is still freaky...