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Wednesday night squee

French woman is freaking psycho. I guess being stranded on an island for 16 years will do that to you. Poor Sayid. He couldn't make heads or tails of what the hell is going on. Frankly, neither could I. But I think I have a few theories. But I'm not even gonna begin to try and explain.

Sayid's back story. Viscous bastard with a heart of gold. I know that it's been said that everyone on the island is connected. I can't seem to make the connection other then being on the plane.

Golf course. heh. Dominic taunting Jack. Ha ha. Charlie getting pissed about being bet against.

Boone is now Bonehead. *giggles*

Sawyer. He's just all hot with his arm flexed for Dr Jack.

Walt looking at Locke with total awe. The knife was bigger then he was.

Did you all hear the whispering in the jungle? OMG I got chills.

Two weeks!! I don't wanna wait two weeks for the next episode.

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