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You best jump far

Spent the night chatting with Mandi and Stel. Stel's former crush was/is quite the little hottie. she posted links... I should have saved one. I gotta find a man. I so freaking horny- it's not even funny anymore.

I'm gonna take a shower- I swear I reak of cigarettes- I need to quit. I am going to try again- I'll finish this pack and try cold turkey.

I've been watching Law & Order SVU on USA. It's a marathon. I love this show.

I still need to finish my icons.

Jack keeps staring me. I fed him- but he still just keeps staring. I had to fix the air bubble thingie this morning and he went after my hand. I think he's pissed at me. Maybe he misses Ken. I dunno.



Jack? Whos Jack? Whos Ken? They sound like fish. haha

This is LaURa by the way, ma. How ya doin? Your life seems interesting, really. So does mine. Read my journal, you'll see. hehe

Talk to ya later.

Re: hmmm

Jack is a fish. Ken is my ex.