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You best jump far

won Virtual Hangman in dravenscrow's LJ, so here's Round 139.

The word(title):

T h e
e n g l i s h m a n
w h o
w e n t
u p
h i l l
b u t
c a m e
d o w n
m o u n t a i n

Guessed letters: T, A, H, E, S, I, D, G, L, N, M, O, C, W
Incorrectly guessed words:R, Y

Solved by the lovely mindmangler but the next round will be over at nikkirito's LJ.


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Wow...that's LONG! :) Hmmm, "T" please?
Several t's in the mix.
I'd like to buy a vowel. "A"
A is there
Hmm.. what's this? *resist urge to break out in TNBC song* How does it work? :D

And, PS: nothing is that long ;)
You guess a letter and if you guess right, the letter fills in the blanks and you have to try and guess the word, phrase or in this case, title.

Yes, is to that long.

Any "R"s hidin in there?

psst, I was only kidding about it being long...makes for more fun!
No R's.

That's why I wanted a nice long one. Makes you think harder.
One S. Spin agian
Can I guess another letter?
By all means.
Wow, this is HARD! LOL

One D- spin again.
No Y's. Guess again.
Yay! This is fun :P
L's. Yup. Yup.
"N" please?
Several n's
a few m's
"O" Please.
O's- yup
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