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You best jump far

Ok now I am PISSED. I finally get an urge to write and my computer shuts down on me. Without warning. I'm not even trying to burn a dvd. WTF!?!?! I lost about three pages.

I think I'm gonna go cry.

ETA - OMG- WordPerfect saved it. I don't know how. But it did. I didn't loose my work. Yippiee...

Ok, now I need to figure out why my computer keeps shutting down without warning. I ran a virus scan two days ago and a spyware scan.


With my old computer, it did that too because the fan of the motor of the computer was damaged and dying on us. THat could be it.
I don't know if this will solve your problem, but it helped mine so I've been pimping this site to everyone.


I found that I had a worm that was affecting my computer. I've given that link to several other people and they found out they had one too, even if they hadn't noticed any problems. Its a completely free scan and it will eliminate it for you if there is one.