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I thought I told you never to interupt me while I'm working!

Hugo? *giggles* Poor guy. Sadly Hurley is not all that much better.

I loved "sinking" on the beach. Till I looked day one and saw little fishes. Creeped me out.

Nice fucking sunglasses. Sawyer, could you have not find a more dainty pair?

Charlie is so freaking cute. He makes a very fine hero thankyouverymuch. Also Dom's voice is dead sexy. So deep and lusty. "I could be your friend". I thought I had weird dreams. I so need caps of Charlie and Claire from tonight. I have a good icon for an icon.

He was hilarious when Claire started having contractions. Trying to do lamaze (sp?) breathing. He got all flustered and started rambling. He told her his secret and she looked so confused.

Talk about a creepy psyhic. Why was it so nessacery to have Claire raise the baby? What kinda of danger could the kid be in if adopted? I mean if given up, would the parents have abused him/her? Why was so important? That's what I wanna know.

Also I think Claire lied to Jack. She said she had a check up a week before the flight. The creepy psyhic gave her one day prior to the flight. I do hope the baby is ok.

Ethan is a creepy dude too. OMG. Is it next week yet?

Tree is decorated. Kitchen cleaned. Bathroom is next before I re watch Lost.

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