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My day.

Had an outplacement seminar today, provided by my company. I learned a lot of tips on how to write a good resume and give a proper interview. However the lady told me that I should really consider getting rid of my blue streaks, but in saying so she contridicted herself because she just got done saying we should appear at an interview like we would if we already had the job. That kinda pissed me off.

But it was nice to be off the phones for the whole day.

Jack being doctor. Locke works for a box company. Kate is an army brat. Boone is a wedding planner. (umm ok ~.^) I was right on about my theory about Jack's dad too. Whoo hoo. Sawyer referring to Walt as Tattoo. Loved it. Boone's reference to the red shirts on Star Trek, and Locke's response. Priceless.

Sawyer and Sayid's confrontation. Turned into a bit of exposition. =S

A little continuation issue. When Jack first rolled over from falling down the hill, he had a cut that was bleeding rather profusely. But then when Ethan was stepping on him, there was no more cut. I know I shouldn't be picky, as this was a very intense episode.

CHARLIE!! OMG!! I cried so hard. Jack was hitting him so hard and Dom really looked dead. I thought perhaps those pictures of Charlie at the fire were maybe an misdirection and they were going to kill off our Charlie.

Poor Charlie is in utter shock.

What did Boone and Locke find. God why isn't it Janurary already?

I gotta go watch again.

That Flight of the Pheonix movie looks good. Gotta love Giovanni Rabasi.

Happy Birthday wishes to both Dominic and to Ian. I was gonna do a pic spam but I can't be bothered at this time. Maybe tomorrow.

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