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I probably should update.

I think I'm getting a cold. Either that or I talked too much today. My throat is sore.

Not much going really. Sadly I cannot get RotK EE until Thursday. But I'll eat up any spoilers anyone wants to throw my way.

Made a few icons. Tutorials are my friend. I like trying new things. They may not always work. But sometimes they look really nice. This is my attempt to thinly veil a GIP.

Also a BIG Happy Birthday to my Daddy. Yup Yup.

Happy Birthday to lil1pinay


Yay for the fireworks and pretty colors! \o/ Thank you!!! And happy birthday to your dad! <3333
Dad says thank you for his Happy Birthday message....and send money (just joking, sort of)....*chuckles*
Send money to:

Fake Dad Fund
at, Gratefulpenguin's hous-...

lmao ;)