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You best jump far

I'm dying for a cigarette. It's hasn't been very long- but I can feel it. I feel cleaner already.

There were two absolutely adorable black kittens on our back porch tonight. We live on the second floor, and the kittens were very small. I think they might have been born there. (you gotta understand how our back porch is set up). I would love to be able to keep them, but 1) I'm allergic. 2) The landlord don't allow it.
What the hell I am gonna do to get rid of the cutest black kittens in the world?

So anyway. that's all the news that's fit to print.


Good for you,la! You can do it!

Aww, kitties. I am such an animal lover so I don't have nay advice to give to you about those kitties.
I know you can do it La!
Just keep thinking about that clean feeling!
*hands you virtual gum*

awww, kitties...
too bad I like dogs more....
Did ya call em, Benji and Joel?
actually- yeah- I told my mom tonight- I don't care if we keep them- their names are Benji & Joel.
she was like whatever...
haha thats excellent, will have to tell people at Gc forum they will think it rocks