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Rantings of a mad woman

I have a headache.

I hate my job this time of year.

People are stupid.

I have to explain to idiot people what their job is. I have to be 411 information because said people are also to damn lazy to find a phone number themselves. I have to be mediator, symphathizer, apologetic, and authority figure all at once. All while trying to pretend I have a smile on my face.

If one more person says that I ruined their christmas- I'm hanging up on them.

I'm sick of getting an electric shock everytime I touch something.

I wish people would learn how to drive. It's New England, it snows. And there wasn't even barely a dusting on the ground this morning.

People don't accept responsibility for their actions. If you make a mistake, how many do you blame for your own stupidity?

I could soooo keep going. But I won't.

I will be so happy when the holidays are over.
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