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You best jump far

Watched Rotk EE movie today with Ma. Considering she'd only seen the theatrical version once, she picked up on where there were new or extended scenes. Can I just say that mouth of Sauron is really creepy. I hate the way he smiles.

Also clean Ma's oven. Stinky stuff. It was supposed to be "fume free". Ha.

Also spent $130 of Ma's credit from Target.com. Well I just helped. It's all for her and Daddy. Got some bath towels, and down pillows. And a new proper floor lamp for her office/closet.

Then I went to CVS and got a card for my aunt and for my neice and nephew. Went and cleaned out the backseat of my car (finally) and deposited my check from aunt.

Went home and made pizza. Folded clothes. Lit some candles.

I feel like I actually accomplished something today. So I am rewarding myself by watching the first disk of the appendices.


Yeah, the Mouth of Sauron is...ick. But its well done, which is good, since it is an intriguing part of the book.

I had Pizza for dinner too! Yum. =)