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Piano Man

Would a gip by any other name, would still smell just as sweet?

These just begged to be iconed. I love how animated he is. I'm intriged that he is fairly clean shaven. Does this mean he'll shave on Lost?

Today was an extremely busy day. Half the call center called out because of the snow this morning. It's freaking cold out. My toes are numb. =/

Christmas is only a few days away. I wish it would come already. I don;t know how much longer I can be nice to people. =P



I love the pic you have in your icon.

He has such a good profile.

I just wanna lick his "barely-there sideburn"

I love those pics :)
OMG those are too cute *pinches Dom's cheeks* hehe
oh yeah they do. I like him like taht...still a bit of scrathy-ness...rawrrr
love the trucker hat. :)
Indeed. *licks him*