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You best jump far

I am absolutely ripping right now. I got my AIN dvd today. And get this total BS. AIN isn't the movie on the dvd. It's some freaking kids excercise video. The dvd is labeled right, but the damn movie isn't right.

I am fuming. I am beside myself. I just spent the last twenty minutes ripping my hair out. I don't even know where to start. Whom do I contact? Who can I complain to? The person in marketing, Jagged Edge?

I am speechless. I just can't express how mad I am right now.


I can imagine how pissed off you must be! That really sucks.

There was a letter in the package, right? I think the eMail is stef@jaggededgefilms.com, but better check that letter. Definitely write to her.
That's who I e-mailed. My blood is still boiling. I just hate feeling like I got ripped off.
I'm sure it was just a mistake and they didn't mean to rip you off or anything. I'd be totally pissed off, too, though.

I hope you get the right dvd soon!
That fucking sucks, hon. :( I hope that it can get rectified quickly.

They better sort that out immediately, or I'll spork them!
that's crazy. after all the kerfuffle and delays leading up to the dvd release, they still can't get it right! hope you get it sorted out asap.