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Beyond the sea.

Josh and Evey are the two most beuatiful people on tv today. Swimming like fishies. Laughing. Playing. Tickling. Rolling around in the dirt. Yeah. I would love to see those two get together.

Seeing the dead people in the water. All I could be reminded of is Sam saying "there's dead things, dead faces in the water."

Sawyer - the pick pocket of deceased. I'm surprised he didn't get the marshall's wallet.

Kate stealing the suit case from Sawyer when he was in the tree. Brillant. However with Sawyer dropping the case and knocking against the rocks, shouldn't it have gone BOOM!?

Maggie? I could have liked that name. I don't think that thing in the suit was the same thing she was trying to retrieve from the safety deposit box. My brain is formulating a theory, But I'll have to watch the episode again to see if I can pick up anymore clues.

Boone. I like that he had no response to Shannon's "what is he your new boyfriend?" About Locke.

Charlie. So shattered. If Charlie starts getting preachy, I'm not gonna be very happy.

All in all. Good episode. Still many unanswered questions. But hey that's what make great televison. And Lost is excellent televison.

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