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You best jump far

This is the best show on tv.

Written as the show aired- thoughts a bit scattered...

Oh Poor Hurley. I really can't wait for his back story. Hurley stepping on the urchin was the funniest thing I've ever watched...

The look of fear in Sun's eyes when Kate figured out she speaks english. I'm beginning to wonder if Jin speaks english too.

Webelo's. My brother was one of them.

OMG- the monster scenes wre incredibly freaking scary. The whole sequence from when Shannon started screaming. I just kept crawling closer and closer to my tv. Hand over my mouth. I couldn't take my eyes off the tv. I figured out that the monster sound sounds exactly this this snow plow that plows are parking lot at work. Heard outside today with Matt and we said it at th same time.

That freaking thing came up out of the ground. Loking at a second time during the commercial break, It looked like a huge daddy long legs spider. Like the body came up from flat on the ground and the legs extended off the body.

Step incest. Is that a word? Or phrase? I mean they grew up together.

OMG - Shannon?!!! Wow. I'm just... WOW. Somewhere around 8;30 I decided that this was my favorite episode so far this season.

Wait... Now this truly is my favorite episode. Locke is brillance.

and next week... I love this show.


Just when you think you have it figured out it takes a turn and confuses you even more!
Lala...I soooo knew that was the case with Shannon and Boone. Its not even funny. Thats verreh squicky.
I'm beginning to wonder if Jin speaks english too.

You know it wouldn't surprise me. Maybe he had to learn for his job, which, if I remember correctly, he kept several aspects of secret from his wife.
My first prediction for next weeks show when THIS weeks ended was: Boone's going to kill Shannon. Or something close.
But now I'm thinking, maybe he finally let it go.