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You best jump far

proof that if you die in your dreams, you can still wake up


So I dreamed I was in the house I grew up in with my mom. It was night time. I heard this strange noise and looked out the window.

There was this gigantic missile gliding through the sky. It was so close to the ground you could actually read the letters and see the flag painted on the side. I guess the memories of the cold war aren't that distant for me, it read "USSR". But it was an american flag.

I started saying "oh no, oh no" and my mom then came to look at through the window too. The missile started to drop. She asked "where is it going?" I didn't answer I just started running through the house. She, of course, started yelling after me.

It was like all of a sudden I had a vision of the nuclear power plant in the town I grew up in. The pipes and towers. And I heard a impact sound and I ducked for cover. Little good that did. Like standing above my body in the dream, I saw the explosion. I saw everything just get up rooted from the ground and incinerated, my self included.

I'm thinking that I'm just stressed about work ending. But fer cripes sakes, can't I stop with these dreams already. I've had enough. I sleep for shite as it is. I don't need bad dreams to make my waking hours miserable too.




*hugs* That sounds like a pretty freaky dream!

I had a dream once that The Grim Reaper/Death came up and touched me on the shoulder. Supposedly if he touches you in your dreams then you die.
Twas freaky. It was complete with a faceless little boy swinging on a squeaky swing. *shudders*

I hope you the ev0l dreams stop for you :)
It must be because of all the stress with your job. I hope it gets better soon. *hugs*
dreams about dying usually symbolize a longing for rebirth, which makes sense if you think about your career coming to a close shortly.

i used to have crazy dreams about plane crashes when i was with a really horrible boyfriend in high school. it was my subconscious telling me that the relationship was crashing and burning, even though i didn't realize it at the time.

sneaky brains.
I had that same kinda of plane crash dream when my relationship with my ex was ending. They're such vivid interpertations of our real lives, it's scary.
*hugs* Whoa that sounds pretty realistic, hope things get better and you have better dreams with naked Dom...

I had a dream that a plane crashed right next to me and a bunch of other people and nobody cared but me. It was weird.
Freaky dream, to say the least. :/