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We'll start with Michael and Walt. Michael getting hit be the car just made me cringe. It's interesting that guy Brian didn't want to keep Walt when his mother died. I wonder if they'll explore that more.

Eeee. Love Charlie. I couldn't stop smiling when he couldn't decide if he wanted to read the diary or not. Claire called Charlie sweet and that she felt safe when he was around. Every OTP supporting fan just squeed.

Kate and Charlie together. Did you all catch the way she touched his leg when she got up? It was very, um, touching. ;)

I do admit though I thought that Charlie punching Sawyer in his bum arm was a bit of a cheap shot. But there was so much fighting in tonight's episode. Charlie and Sawyer. Locke and Michael. Michael and Boone. My goodness. They're stuck on an island, they need to learn to be a little nice to each other.

And Claire. OMG. I knew it. I knew it. I knew she'd be back. Not found, just back on her own.

Why the hell is next week a repeat? I need to know what happens next?

BTW ya know that commercial with the boat left at the beach by a kid and years later the guy finds it on E-bay. "What if nothing was ever forgotten? What if nothing was ever lost?" Got me thinking... What if the survivors aren't really lost?

Let me explain

The comic book at the beginning at the show that Walt reads... Tonight they showed an alien type creature tied to a bed hooked up to all sorts of machines. I really hope that the show doesn't end up being some ones imagination or like some weird medical experiment- but they say everything is a clue. And that is just how I interperted it.

I'm sure I'll think of more stuff I could have mentioned the minute I post this.

Also I would love to have unedited clips of Dom on the I love the 90's stuff. Dom's swearing up a storm quoting movies just amuses me to no end.

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