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Run around

This is the end?

What a weird conicidence that it's National Hugging Day and all day I've been hugging people because it's their last day.

Note to self- ICONS!!!


Your number is not in service? I called you. Just wanted to know if you are coming tomorrow, about what time, because of a big snowstorm coming, of which I'm sure you are aware?
Your number is not in service?

Really? Fuck. I thought I paid that bill.

Yeah I plan on being there tomorrow- after 2- unless the weather is too bad at that point- which from my understanding, it shouldn't be.
Dad, said "ya but, it's supposed to get bad after 5:00". Will you stay over?
Sure. I'll pack a bag.
Dad said, "park in the driveway and he'll park in back of you". WOW! Your staying over!!! (I said that). Hey, this is more fun than a phone call! *jumps up and down* *hugs you*
Silly mommy.

Yes park in the driveway.