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The team on top of the mountain didn't fall there.

So there's a blizzard warning in effect. (thanks for the the tip laerwen ) I'm gonna stay at Ma's tonight. Dad's worried I won't be able to get home tomorrow. I'm just worried who gonna dig my car out.

I'm hoping my copy of AIN will come in the mail today. It would be nice. to have it for the long winter's night ahead. The teaser clips that nothing_to_say  linked to just got me even more anxious. Well at least if it doesn't come, I'll be bringing "Oceans 11" to Ma's. Plenty of hot steamy bodies there to make me happy.

I'm thankful today is only a half day at work. I hate working Saturdays. I wanted to sleep late. But oh well. I can't read half my flist because apparently there is some naughty materal that my firewall won't let through. It's kida slow today.

I made a few icons last night. I think they all suck. This one was probably the best and even it's not that good. My skills are deteriating. =(

One more hour.



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