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I worked late last night. Then I went and had my taxes done. Getting more back then last year, not as much as I had hoped. But enough to pay off my bills.

I got home and found AIN in my mailbox. So excited. (more on that in a moment)

I then watched 24- Anyone else on my flist watch 24?

There had been 8 foot pile of snow at the foot of my stairs, right in front of my parking spot. that was cleared out sometimes during the day yesterday. Now I don't have to walk around the back of my car to get to my stairs.

I had a weird dream about the "monster" on Lost last night. the survivors had found a house on the island and it had this really weird design that meant holes in the floors.

Well Jack was running around trying to block all points of entry. but as he was doing this he saw this big ol' red clawed green foot passing by one of the holes. He tried to get to where the monster was coming in but was a bit too last. The monster turned out to be this god awful fugly troll looking leprachun.

Sawyer startes whalloping it with a chair. And the monster starts talking. Something about his mother isn't going to be happy that Sawyer had hit him.


So AIN. I ended up watching it twice. 1- it's a short film. 2 because the intial squee wore off long enough for me to understand it. Considering the extremely low budget and the crap make up and lighting, the film was extremely well written. The acting (even a few takes from our lovely Dominic =0) was only so so.

I can truly appreciate the struggle of an insomniac, being one myself. You excercise, you clean, you keep moving into different positions, anything to catch that exact moment when sleep can take you.

I enjoyed seeing shirtless Dom. Yes. I would love to see more of that now, especially since he's gotten a bit more pumped since then. I love the outtakes. Made me smile and giggle. I love hearing Dom curse like a sailor. Reminds everyone that he's human too.

The first time I watched it I didn't pick up some of the little nuiances of the film. Like I didn't pick up on the fact that during the flashes of Lonnie and the little girl the particular sound effects. With Lonnie there was an electrical buzzing. and with the little girl tires skretching.

The dog was truly an odd thing to behold. Dom's expressions during that scene were priceless.

All in all, it's was a good film done on bad budget. I can see why it obviously took so long to get this out on DVD, the demand was there the money wasn't. I think Tess has a future in film making, if not screen writing. I'm sure if the film had a bigger budget, her vision could have been better expressed.

There's 52 calls in queue. Do I care? Not a bit.

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