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You best jump far

Ranting raving p-o'd b*tch

It's snowing. Again.

And where am I? Working.

I can't wait for this to be over. I'm having an absolutely shitty day.

People haven't a clue how to listen. This guy has called three times and each time I told him the film didn't make it on today's truck, it would be out tomorrow. Each time he calls he says "so I'll get this today" - NO! what part of tomorrow do you not understand?

And they brought in about 5 reps whom had been laid off because the f*ck nuts in charge didn't plan on the volume of calls.

There's more shite but I'll spare you the rant.

I literally just want to scream I'm so frustrated.

ATTENTION FLIST- spam me, make me laugh, smile, make me forget the crappy day I'm having. PLEASE.





I feel your pain! This too shall pass. Soon! Hang in there! *hugs you*

Slurpees are yummy, even in winter. I've yet to get my slurpee for the winter year.


LA!!!!!Sorreh about your crappeh day *glares at crappeh day* Be nice to La or so help me god *does funny hand movment* It's ok it'll get better Luff you La

Oh and sum ! cuz I luff yah hehe

Yah I'm sure you've seen these pics a million times but it's Dom so yeah it's all good =)

Re: *hugs*

Yesh yesh- Dom always make me smile.
*sings in a silly way, just for you*

Have you ever read Bunny?

Loveliest cartoon strip ever :)