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You best jump far


So I called yesterday and set up an appointment for my car (transmission issues) and I guess it was good timing because my engine light popped on this morning. I might have to rent a car depending on how long they plan on keeping mine for.

Working an odd shift today. 10:30 to 7. I haven't worked this shift since I first started. It's not too bad- they have people working till 10pm tonight. Ick. Today is my last Friday. Kinda a goof off day for me. I'll make some calls to some of the dealers I've gotten close to and say goodbye. Tomorrow is my last day. It's a wee bittersweet.

I'm still without phone and internet at home. Hoping they'll be on before end of the weekend. I've been keeping busy making icons- Can't show any of them- because I have no way to upload from home.

I'm going to Walmart tonight to get the Dom stuff for Stef. Esquire, tv guide and for me, the Rolling Stone issue. Baby Dom is shooo cute.

Note to Ma- I won't be there Sunday as planned- will have to wait till I get my car fixed on Monday (unless I rent a car and come on Monday). Will bring AIN when I do come over.


Wow - tomorrow's your last day? :/

Hope you get your 'net back up, missy!!!
Yup- tomorrow- it'll hit me later.
Thank you so much again La!
Just to let you know I read your comment about getting your car fixed, and will be here whenever you can get here.