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You best jump far

Did you feel that?

I gotta learn not worry about that the things I see on TV. Particulary the discovery channel. Watching a show about supervolcanos. The same thing happened when the whole asteroid thing was big. I heard once that if a natural catastrophe was going to wipe the human race, it will end up being something we never even saw coming.

I have no idea what the people downstairs are doing, but there is this constant pounding. It's driving me bonkers.

Time for lunch...er... dinner...er...food.


I remember when you were worried about me, when you saw that one miniseries about the 'Big One' earthquake hitting California, lol! <33
Well these things are quite scary. No control over the elements.
Am enamored with your icon!

Yeah, no control over them, but no point in worrying, if we don't know when it's gonna happen - just go on about our daily lives, I suppose. :/
haha! my friend and i watched the supervolcanoes show too and now we're paranoid...



If they didn't keep stressing the difference between "if" and "when" I don't think I would have been so creeped.